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KALIDASA ACADEMY, UJAAIN (Madhya Pradesh Sanskrit Parishad)

Mahakavi Kalidasa is known to be the greatest repository of our national heritage. He continues to shine as one of the greatest exponent of Indian Culture.

Keeping his memory in view, the department of culture of the Government of Madhya Pradesh established the Kalidasa Academy in the year 1978 at Ujjain. The basic idea of establishing Kalidasa Academy in Ujjain is two fold. One is to keep the memory of the great poet-dramatist Kalidasa constantly refreshed. The other is to establish a multi-disciplinary institution, which would project the totality of classical tradition with Kalidasa as its centre; provide facilities for research and study in Sanskrit classical and traditional literary thought, tradition of fine as well as performing arts and their adaptation for contemporary times in different cultural and linguistic Milieu.

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Aadivasi Lok Kala Evam Boli Vikas Academy

Aadivasi Lok Kala Academy was established in 1980 under the aegis of Madhya Pradesh

The main objectives are to encourage, preserve and develop the tribal arts. To fulfill these objectives, the academy conducts surveys, organizes programs and publishes texts and materials centered on the various aspects of tribal folk arts. The academy abides by the standards prescribed by the government of Madhya Pradesh. The academy has founded Aadivart a state museum on tribal and folk arts. It has also established Saket, Ramayan Kala Museum at Orchha.

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SAHITYA ACADEMY (Madhya Pradesh Cultural Council)

To fulfill the objective of patronage, encouragement and development of literature and writers of the state, the state government constituted Madhya Pradesh Sahitya Parishad in the form of Sahitya Academy in the year 1954, in the erstwhile capital of state, Nagpur .In the year 1956, the council shifted to the capital city of Bhopal as soon as the state of Madhya Pradesh was formed. Since then the council has been able to mark its dedicated presence on the literary and cultural scenario of the state through distance activities.

In accordance to its objective, the council organizes various functions in order to provide platform to creativity of youth and offers grant in aid for the manuscripts of the writers for the publication of their initial composition. The council, through book clubs in cities and towns within the state, convenes monthly meetings so as promote literary understanding and creativity and also extend the culture of book. Along with aiding small magazines of the state, it rewards 6 all India (11,000 rupees each) and 16 state level (7,000 Rupees each) excellent creative works and participates in the national book fair from time to time to popularize its publication.

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Established by Madhya Pradesh government in 1952, academy of MP government is working as a state academy of culture department, now with the formation of Madhya Pradesh Art Council its name has changed to Ustad Alauddin Khan Music And Art Academy. While its name at the time of establishment was "Madhya Pradesh Kala Parishad". The Academy was established to in order to protect, preserve and develop Indian Classical music, dance, drama, other metaphorical arts and creative cinema. Since last 50 years of its formation the Academy through its creative activities has worked to create artists of different art forms and a large group of fans.

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Marathi-speaking people have their important place and importance since the formation of the state. Since the formation Madhya Pradesh from Madhya Bharat Marathi-Bhashi people have settled here in abundance, migrated from Nagpur and other places. Mrathibhashi people are living in a large number in Bhopal, Indore, Ujjain, Dewas, Ratlam, Mandsaur edge, Harda, Khandwa, Burhanpur, Hoshangabad, Itarsi, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Sagar, Betul, Multai etc.

With an objective to promote, protect & to keep Marathi culture and literature intact , Marathi Division was set up by the Government of Madhya Pradesh under Culture Council was working since 2008. In 2010, to expand it's reach Marathi Sahitya Akademi was set up by the Government.

Marathi Sahitya Academy formed from Marathi division, have been organizing various events to promote the culture and traditions and their enhancements aimed at keeping them intact. To provide Marathi speaking people living in the state, a permanent platform out of the state. traditional arts of the region are exposed to Mrathibhashi and non Marathi people.

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